Lloyd Kennedy Charter School

Grades 3-8
LKCS is a public, non-profit, charter school which services any
 3rd-8th grade students residing in Aiken County. All 3rd-8th grade students with an interest in a smaller class setting and our unique goals are welcome to apply for enrollment at LKCS.

                         LKCS Mission Statement

The LKCS mission has been revised to state the following: The LKCS will collaborate with stakeholders to promote educational progress among students regardless of their academic, social, and/or personal difficulties by focusing on their individual learning styles and developing the life skills they will need to be successful citizens. Although we were created to educate students who are academically, personally and/or socially at risk; our school is attractive to parents and students searching for a smaller, nurturing, academic environment. We define our “unique approach” as taking into account each student’s background and setting individual benchmarks for their academic growth. Student enrollment is limited to ensure a smaller class size and a maximum teacher-student ratio of 1:20 for all academic classes. It has always been our goal to identify the needs of students and educate them accordingly. Because we believe each child learns in a unique way, the LKCS recognizes individual learning by incorporating visual, auditory, and psychomotor components in our daily lesson plans. Our population is small but diverse and spans from the academically gifted and talented to those with special needs.

               Aiken Performing Arts Academy

Grades 9-12

APAA is a public, non-profit, charter high school which services any 9th-12th grade students residing in Aiken County. APAA offers a traditional college prep curriculum and AP classes, along with classes in the arts. APAA teachers are certified by the state of SC and teach to the state standards. All 9th-12th grade students with an interest in the performing arts are welcome to apply for enrollment at APAA.

                       APAA Mission Statement

The APAA has received Palmetto Gold Awards for Excellence from the SDE and was created to provide 9th thru 12th grade high school students with unique learning opportunities in the performing and visual arts. Our academic curriculum is limited to college prep and advanced placement courses for qualifying students. Student enrollment is limited to ensure smaller class sizes. We believe the more intimate classroom environment; coupled with the opportunity to take specialized classes in dance, music, theatre and visual arts, makes our program unique. In recent years, our student population has consisted of students who have received little or no outside training, so we are exposing a new generation to the arts. We provide multi-sensory learning versus more traditional teaching methods, as the majority of our arts students respond positively to sensory catalysts. Apart from the performing and visual arts curriculum, the teaching staff places great emphasis on the pursuit of performance, public speaking and team work as these skills will translate positively into their daily lives.