LKCS Curriculum Requirements
Our students receive a well-rounded education with classes in the following areas: English, English I, Math, Algebra I, Science, Biology I, Social Studies, Enrichment, General Exploratory, Physical Education, Dance, Music and Visual Art.


APAA Curriculum Requirements
The student must earn a total of 24 units of credit in state-approved college prep or AP courses and 6 units in the performing arts courses. Electives may be taken in: Dance, Music, Theater, Visual Arts, Chorus. As a performing arts high school all students are required to participate in all performing and visual arts courses. After school rehearsals are mandatory.

APAA IGP Form and Course Outline

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APAA Four Year Course Outline.docx APAA Four Year Course Outline.docx
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College Admission Tests

SAT ( - The SAT is a more of an aptitude test, testing reasoning and verbal skills. Areas Tested: Critical Reasoning, Math and Writing

ACT ( - The ACT is an achievement test measuring what a student has learned in school. Areas Tested: English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing