LKCS and APAA 3K & 4K Program School Culture

The APAA & LKCS have five core values in which we base our school culture: Love, Respect, Accountability, Integrity and Excellence.


We teach our students to love themselves, to love each other and to love the process of learning.


We teach our students to respect authority, respect the learning environment, respect themselves and respect others.


We teach our students to take responsibility for their actions and lack of action.


We demand our students exhibit honesty and a sound moral character.


We maintain an expectation that our students will submit high quality work and give superior performances every time.

Kindness Initiative

The LKCS and APAA 3K & 4K Programs are committed to a campus filled with love, compassion and comradery among students, staff and teachers. It matters how we treat each other. Ms. Kennedy has always believed the intangible thing that makes our programs special is the kindness we show others. As a part of our school climate goal, we have implemented a Kindness Initiative. This initiative is very simple as it requires us all to do two things:

1. Be kind to everyone you encounter
2. Pass kindness forward through good deeds

Because every successful initiative starts from the top, Mrs. Kennedy and her staff have pledged to serve as an example of what our Kindness Initiative should embody. We want parents, guardians and visitors to always receive a warm and kind reception from program employees. We are focused on maintaining a culture of love, acceptance and kindness. The world can be a harsh place, but our families will find a nurturing environment with us.

                                                                           Keisha Lloyd-Kennedy, Founder and Director