We are very excited about these upcoming events. This year's school-wide focus will incorporate a World Class Education Initiative, School Culture, Speakers and Events.

2016-2017 Activities and Announcements Coming Soon

March 30th - LKCS and APAA Student Report Cards Issued
April 3rd - 7th - LKCS and APAA Spring Break. Campus Closed.
April 14th - Good Friday. Campus Closed.
April 21st - APAA Prom "A Night At The Carnival" 7:30-9:30pm Campus Auditorium
April 25th -
LKCS and APAA Joint Governing Body Meeting, 6:00pm Campus Auditorium
May 2nd - LKCS and APAA Student Interim Reports Issued.
May 19th - LKCS and APAA Title I Incentive Field and Family Fun Day, LKCS and APAA Early Dismissal 11:30am, In-Service
May 22nd -23rd - LKCS and APAA Semester Exams. All Subject Areas.
May 24th - 26th - LKCS Theatre Presents Production Rehearsals, Mandatory For All LKCS Students & Teachers
May 26th -
LKCS and APAA Early Dismissal 11:30am. Staff In-Service 11:45am-3:00pm
May 29th - Memorial Day Holiday. Campus Closed.
May 30th -
LKCS and APAA Early Dismissal 11:30am.
May 31st - Last Day of School. LKCS and APAA Early Dismissal 11:30am. Staff In-Service 11:45am-3:00pm

May 31st - LKCS Theatre Presents... School Production. 9:30am Campus Auditorium. Tickets $2
May 31st - LKCS and APAA Student Awards Day Program. 10:30am Campus Auditorium
May 31st - APAA Graduation Rehearsals. 12:00pm - Until Campus Auditorium. Mandatory For All Participants
June 1st - APAA Graduation Ceremony. 10:00am Campus Auditorium 130 Avery Lane Aiken, SC 29801
June 2nd - Staff In-Service. Teacher Work Day. 8:00am-3:00pm. 

Please review our "Daily Announcements" Section regularly for new postings on speakers and events.

Visit our LKCS & APAA Governing Body Tab above to view minutes from our last meeting!!! 

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After-School ProgramThe After-School Program will operate on regular school days from 2:30pm – 4:30pm. Students will receive a snack, have Title I Tutoring homework time, and play board games or watch videos until pick-up time for a weekly charge of $10.00. As always, the Administration will work with families who require assistance with after-school program fees.

Specialized Title I Tutoring Program - The Specialized Title I Tutoring Program will operate on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of regularly scheduled school days from 2:30pm – 4:30pm. These dates are in accordance with teachers' personal schedules. Specialized tutoring is driven by teacher recommendations and parental requests, so please check with your child’s teacher for availability. The Specialized Title I Tutoring program is a free service.

Charter Schools and Sports Teams

According to A164, R188, H3241(Section 6) of the South Carolina Charter School Law, charter school students are eligible to participate in any extracurricular activities, including sports teams, offered at their resident traditional school they are zoned to attend. Please read the legislation listed below.

(3)(a)    A charter school is eligible for federally sponsored, state-sponsored or district-sponsored interscholastic leagues, competitions, awards, scholarships, grants, and recognition programs for students, educators, administrators, staff, and schools to the same extent as all other public schools.

(b)    A charter school student is eligible to compete for, and if selected, participate in any extracurricular activities not offered by the student's charter school which are offered at the resident public school he would otherwise attend. A charter school student is eligible to compete for, and if selected, participate in an activity governed by the South Carolina High School League offered at the resident public school he would otherwise attend if the league-governed activity is not offered at the student's charter school.

(c)    A charter school student is eligible for extracurricular activities at the student's resident public school consistent with eligibility standards as applied to full-time students of the resident public school.

(d)    A school district or resident public school may not impose additional requirements on a charter school student to participate in extracurricular activities that are not imposed on full-time students of the resident public school.

(e)    Charter school students shall pay the same fees as other students to participate in extracurricular activities.

(f)    Charter school students shall be eligible for the same fee waivers for which other students are eligible.

 College Exploration, Career Search, Scholarship Information & Financial Aid

APAA Students, please visit the following websites:









College Admission Tests:

SAT (collegeboard.com) - The SAT is a more of an aptitude test, testing reasoning and verbal skills. Areas Tested: Critical Reasoning, Math and Writing

ACT (act.org) - The ACT is an achievement test measuring what a student has learned in school. Areas Tested: English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing

LKCS and APAA Commercials

 APAA Original Production "America's Group Sing Off"

APAA Original Production "The Land of Oz Unraveled"
APAA Original Production "Christmas Around The World"


"You Can't Be Weak, And Be Charter" 

~K. Lloyd-Kennedy

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