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Thank you for stopping by our website! The Lloyd Kennedy Charter School (LKCS) and Aiken Performing Arts Academy (APAA) are committed to the school of choice concept. We are a FREE public charter school located on a picturesque campus in Aiken County, South Carolina. We would love for you to come join us!!

Kindness Initiative

As I return back to work on a daily basis, I wanted to share my joy in seeing my students and staff members. I have missed everyone on such a profound level that I simply cannot express how happy I am to return to campus.

 One of the things I want to focus on in my return in the feeling of love, compassion and comradery among students, staff and teachers. It matters how we treat each other. I have always believed that intangible thing that made our charter schools special was the kindness we showed others. So, I am determined to implement the Kindness Initiative. This initiative is very simple as it requires us all to do two things:

  1. Be kind to everyone you encounter
  2. Pass kindness forward through good deeds

Because every successful initiative starts from the top, I pledge to serve as an example of what our Kindness Initiative should embody. I have also spoken to our Office Staff, as I understand they are often the first point of contact with parents, guardians and visitors. I want everyone to always receive a warm and kind reception from school employees. I have also communicated the Kindness Initiative to my Teachers, as a kind Teacher will produce a successful student.

Finally, I want you to know that I am here for you. If you have a problem, question, comment or concern don’t hesitate to call 803-644-4824 or email me at kkennedy@lkcs.k12.sc.us. I am determined to regain our culture of love, acceptance and kindness. The world can be a harsh place, but our charter families will find a nurturing environment with us.

Keisha Lloyd-Kennedy, Founder and Director

APAA Prom 
Aiken Performing Arts Academy Presents, "Enchanted Forest" Prom on Friday, April 26th @ 7:30am-9:30pm in the campus auditorium. Tickets are available for purchase in the front office and will be available for purchase at the auditorium door. Ticket prices are as follows: Freshman: $15, Sophomore: $10, Junior: $5, Senior: $0. Please call 803-644-4824 if you have any questions.

Early Release & Good Friday
LKCS and APAA will have Early Release on Thursday, April 18th. Student dismissal is at 11:30am. There will be no Afterschool Program or tutoring. The campus will be closed on Friday, April 19th for Good Friday. Please call the front office if you have any questions.


2019-2020 OPEN ENROLLMENT!!!
Lloyd Kennedy Charter School Elementary and Middle School
We Enroll New Students Year-Round


The Lloyd Kennedy Charter School (LKCS) Elementary and Middle School are public charter schools located on a picturesque campus at 130 Avery Lane in beautiful Aiken, S.C.                                                                            

Your child will take part in the following:

·         Smaller Class Sizes

·         Technology Integrated Classrooms

·         Certified Teachers

·         A Nurturing Learning Environment

·         Tuition Free Education on a Private Campus

The LKCS emphasizes individual learning for the visual, auditory, or psychomotor learners. We also specialize in educating students who are academically, personally and/or socially at risk. 

Please visit our website to learn more about activities and events at: http://aikenperformingartsacademy.yolasite.com/

Registration for the 2018-2019 School Year begins in April 2018. Tours are available by calling (803) 644-4824. Come Join Us!!

2019-2020 Student Enrollment Applications Forms

New families please print, complete and submit the New Student Checklist (See Forms Tab) and the required documentation to get started with the enrollment process. This will make the enrollment process easier. Thank you.




2018-2019 Activities and Announcements
April 2019
April 18th: Early Release Day! LKCS and APAA Dismissal @ 11:30am
April 19th: Good Friday Holiday!! Campus Closed!
April 23rd: LKCS and APAA Joint Governing Body Meeting @ 6pm in the Campus Auditorium
April 25th: LKCS Academic Competition: Science 1:30pm-3:00pm in the Campus Auditorium
April 26th: APAA Presents "Enchanted Forest" Prom:7:30pm-9:30pm - Auditorium
May 2019
May 7th: Interim Reports Issued
May 7th - May 10th: LKCS and APAA Student Textbook Return
May 13th - May 15th: Textbook Inventory Audit
May 17th: LKCS Spring Dance - 6:30-8:30pm - Campus Auditorium
May 22nd: APAA Semester Exams
May 23rd: APAA Semester Exams
May 24th: APAA Semester Exams
May 27th: Memorial Day!! Campus Closed! No Classes!!!
May 28th: LKCS and Last Day for APAA Semester Exams
May 29th: LKCS Semester Exams and APAA Rehearsals
May 30th: LKCS Semester Exams and APAA Rehearsals
May 31st: Senior's Last Day!! Senior Deadline to pay remaining fees!!
May 31st: Family Field & Fun Day @ 8:15am-10:00am.  Early Release Day!! LKCS and APAA Dismissal @11:30am
June 2019
June 3rd: LKCS Field Trip to S.C. Aquarium - Bus Leaves @ 7:15am
June 3rd: APAA Rehearsals. Half Day! LKCS and APAA Dismissal @11:30am
June 4th: APAA Rehearsals. Half Day! LKCS and APAA Dismissal @11:30am
June 5th: LKCS Performances & LKCS/APAA Awards Day Program in the Campus Auditorium @ 10:00am-11:30am. LKCS and APAA Dismissal @11:30am
June 6th: Graduation Ceremony in the Campus Auditorium @ 10:00am
June 7th: Teacher Workday and In-Service Day
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After-School Program
The After-School Program will operate on regular school days from 3:15pm – 5:00pm. Students will receive a snack, have Title I Tutoring Homework Time, and play board games or watch videos until pick-up time for a weekly charge of $10.00. As always, the Administration will work with families who require assistance with after-school program fees.

Specialized Title I Tutoring Program The Specialized Title I Tutoring Program will operate in the afternoons. Specialized Tutoring days and times are in accordance with Teachers' personal schedules. Please check with your child’s teacher for a tutoring schedule. This is a Free Service!

Our Charter Schools are all about family. On the last Tuesday of each month, we hold Governing Body meetings at 6:00pm in the campus Auditorium. Dinner is served as a part of our Title I Incentive Program. In addition to sharing upcoming events, the meeting is used as a format for student performances, parent/guardian input, and opportunities for Teachers and families to interact. Click on the Governing Body Tab to review meeting minutes. Please join us for our Governing Body Meetings!
College Exploration
Career Search
Financial Aid
The Aiken Performing Arts Academy (APAA) is committed to helping our Graduates further their education and career opportunities. Graduates are encouraged to visit the links listed below:









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Charter Schools and Sports Teams

According to A164, R188, H3241(Section 6) of the South Carolina Charter School Law, charter school students are eligible to participate in any extracurricular activities, including sports teams, offered at their resident traditional school they are zoned to attend. Please read the legislation listed below.

(3)(a)    A charter school is eligible for federally sponsored, state-sponsored or district-sponsored interscholastic leagues, competitions, awards, scholarships, grants, and recognition programs for students, educators, administrators, staff, and schools to the same extent as all other public schools.

(b)    A charter school student is eligible to compete for, and if selected, participate in any extracurricular activities not offered by the student's charter school which are offered at the resident public school he would otherwise attend. A charter school student is eligible to compete for, and if selected, participate in an activity governed by the South Carolina High School League offered at the resident public school he would otherwise attend if the league-governed activity is not offered at the student's charter school.

(c)    A charter school student is eligible for extracurricular activities at the student's resident public school consistent with eligibility standards as applied to full-time students of the resident public school.

(d)    A school district or resident public school may not impose additional requirements on a charter school student to participate in extracurricular activities that are not imposed on full-time students of the resident public school.

(e)    Charter school students shall pay the same fees as other students to participate in extracurricular activities.

(f)    Charter school students shall be eligible for the same fee waivers for which other students are eligible.