Tire Douglas ALL-SEASON - description, reviews, specifications

Tires are made according to modern technologies from high-quality rubber said Douglas tires review. Electronic control ensures the stability of the quality of the finished product. The developed tread pattern ensures reliable contact of the tire with the road surface and optimal vehicle behavior on the road.

Douglas ALL-SEASON tire specifications

all season

Presence of thorns

Type of transport
passenger car


Sealing type

RunFlat technology

All-season tires

Well adapted for work on dry and wet asphalt, they are distinguished by satisfactory adaptability to winter roads and greater wear, as compared to summer ones. The tread pattern is more branched, the elements of the pattern are grouped into a well-distinguishable path and are separated by grooves of different widths: on the elements of the pattern - "checkers" - there are narrow slots of the additional micro pattern. As a rule, these tires are marked all season, tous terrain or conventional signs (snowflake or drop).

Winter tires

Designed to work on snowy and icy roads, the coupling qualities of the coating may vary depending on the situation, from minimal (smooth ice or porridge of snow and water) to small (rolled snow in the cold). The tread pattern of such tires has clearly defined checkers from longitudinal and transverse grooves of considerable depth. The checkers have a complex figured relief to increase the working side surfaces, as well as a branched micro-pattern. Winter tires are designated by the M + S index. Often they have a strictly defined direction of movement (indicated by an arrow). More plastic rubber (for operation at low temperatures) of winter tires in summer conditions is subject to rapid wear, overheating, small hard objects easily penetrate into the tread of such tires. Wear resistance of winter tires is 30-50% less than summer tires due to the specific tread. Many winter tires allow you to install or have anti-skid spikes. When the vehicle is moving at an air temperature of 10 ° C, a thin layer of moisture is always present in the tire-in-contact zone (the tire is heated by friction and deformation). Therefore, on a snowy road, the task of anti-skid spikes is to force through a wet film that plays the role of lubricant and to ensure reliable contact of the tire with the road. For each tire of a particular car and taking into account the nature (intensity) of the movement, select the most suitable for the size spikes. Some firms point to the sidewall preferred spike size. When the vehicle is moving at an air temperature of 10 ° C, a thin layer of moisture is always present in the tire-in-contact zone (the tire is heated by friction and deformation).

Popular used cars that are good buy

Do you want to avoid taking the big, financial blow when buying a car?
Then it's used to invest in.
Here are twelve affordable top sellers in the secondary market - and what to consider when buying them.

1. Volvo V70

Sweden's by far the most sold car during the entire 2000s and Volvo pushed out lots of the V70 Classic years before the introduction of the new V90. Just over 28,000 cars sold three years ago also talk about a large proportion of company cars that are now going out to the private market. A new engine family was presented to the model year 2014-2015 and the four-cylinder D4 engine of 181 horsepower quickly became a favorite. The model also had early versions of the safety package City Safety but watch out for the sign reading which was a little treacherous in the first versions.

Ample luggage space that stands up well in competition with newer models. Durable and with relatively good rust protection. A large selection and with the V90 and V60 as competitors, the used price fell further. Look for the right individual. The prices for a fine copy start from approximately SEK 160,000.

This is an editorial article from Allt om Bilar which is part of a topic that Kvdbil has chosen to sponsor. The company has no influence over the content of the article.

2. Volkswagen Golf

The seventh generation of Volkswagen Golf was launched at the car show in Paris in 2012 for the model year 2013. The model was lifted in 2016 and sales in Sweden have gone well during all years. For a few months, Golf even sold better than the Volvo V70.

Above all, this is the most spacious golf so far with good space in the back seat and good shoulder and hip width in the rear seat. Most complaints about the year model - somewhat more than in previous years - apply to interior and electronics problems. Previous problems with comb chain-driven 1.4 TSI engines can have VW stopped. The DSG box DQ200 should be avoided, but newer Volkswagen boxes have been improved. It is important to keep track of which model year and which powertrain is in the used Golf you are looking at.

3. The Volvo XC60

Volvo's global sales success has sold well also in Sweden and in practice better and better month by month. In 2015, sales were still on the rise and there are many good used alternatives. With a new XC60 in Volvo's car halls, the price remains at a reasonable level, although this is a model that will have a relatively high second-hand value. Many chose four-wheel drive at the new car purchase, but there are two-wheel drive options which are then slightly cheaper.